Liberty Girls Clubs & Retreats

LIBERTY GIRLS CLUBS & RETREATS provide exciting opportunities for girls ages 6-11  to learn about American history, character and liberty, through hands-on experiences.


What is a Liberty Girls Club?

Girls ages 6-11 meet with siblings and/or friends, in homes or community rooms, to enjoy learning together. Club size varies from 2-3 sisters in a single family to 12-15 club member friends.

Ten separate, themed club packets (COMING SOON!) each provide complete agendas and instructions for moms, to hold eight exciting, activity-based club meetings per theme, for their girls.

Meeting activities are based on thoughtfully selected historical fiction, biographies and literature, about the featured historical time period, which are read by (or to) each girl, before the club meetings.


What is a Liberty Girls Retreat?

Ten separate, themed retreats are produced by Family Education Coach on a rotating schedule, so that girls ages 6-11 may attend all ten retreats in five years. Older girls and moms serve as retreat volunteers. Each retreat is replicated in several cities so that more girls have the opportunity of attending.

Dozens of girls ages 6-11 gather for a full day of exciting activities, all designed around one historical time period. Dressed in period costume, girls enjoy period-themed crafts, food, stories, school lessons, shopping, and activities from the daily life of girls living during the featured time period.


Liberty Girls Dolls

Are you having a hard time finding beautiful, appropriate and meaningful dolls for the girls in your life? Liberty Girls Dolls are lovingly hand-made cloth dolls, designed to delight your girl’s heart! Choose your doll’s theme from ten different eras in American history, matching the themes for the Liberty Girls Clubs and Retreats. Collect each doll as you share stories from history, with your girls. Each doll will hold up to years of play and has historically accurate, removable clothing.