Learning Communities: Live online courses for Latter-day Saint middle and high school students

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Learning Communities are small groups of youth, ages 12-18, who attend live, online webinars together, for their middle or high school education.  The main curriculum source is Latter-day Learning.

Learning Communities is an independent service of Family Forum LLC, providing live webinar instruction for accredited courses from American Heritage School (AHS) Online.

Learning Communities are established to teach Latter-day Saint youth, but welcome all interested students.

Youth ages 12-18 are invited to…

  • Enjoy rich middle and high school courses via live webinars.
  • Connect with other students through live webinar-based chat, audio and video.
  • Get inspired with instruction from our terrific mentors.
  • Make consistent progress through rich and meaningful lessons.
  • Submit assignments, take quizzes, receive feedback and grades
  • Attend monthly in-person activities (available in some areas).

Watch this Learning Communities Introduction Video:


Talk GraphicWould you like to speak to the Learning Communities administrator?

Please contact Diann Jeppson anytime, to discuss potential participation in a Learning Community at diann@familyeducationcoach.com; 801-450-5016.


Weekly Class Schedules and Calendar of Days

Middle school webinars are held on Tuesdays and Thursday from August 22, 2017 to May 24, 2018. Webinars are recorded for students who occasionally need to miss a webinar due to schedule conflict.

High School webinars are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from August 22, 2017 to May 24, 2018. Webinars are recorded for students who occasionally need to miss a webinar due to schedule conflict.

Class Times: 

8:00–11:00 Pacific Time

9:00–12:00 Mountain Time

10:00–1:00 Central Time

11:00–2:00 Eastern Time

Learning Community class schedules rotate each year in the same manner as the LDS Seminary program, and are therefore non-sequential.  This allows students to join a Learning Community in any year and progress through their middle and high school years.


For the 2017-2018 school year, a middle school student is defined as a student who is at least 12 years old, but who has not yet turned 14 years old, prior to August 31, 2017.

Middle School Course Schedules:

2017-2018 Courses: SCHEDULE A

2018-2019 Courses: SCHEDULE B

2017-2018 Middle School Course List

Click the links to read the full course descriptions

The following courses will draw from lessons in the K-8 curriculum, taught at a middle school level:

Ancient Civilizations

World Geography – This course will draw from portions of several lessons in the K-8 curriculum. The course arrangement will include mathematical geography, physical geography and political geography lessons for each unit. Students will enjoy units focusing on:

  1. Asia
  2. Europe
  3. Antarctica, Australia, the Pacific Islands
  4. South America

These courses will draw from lessons in the 9-12 curriculum, taught at a middle school level:

Science: Cytology

Science: Botany

English: Character and Literature

Music Appreciation: The Symphony of Sound

Art Appreciation: Reformation


For the 2017-2018 school year, a high school student is defined as a student who is at least 14 years old, prior to August 31, 2017.

High School Course Schedules:

2017-2018 Courses: SCHEDULE A

2018-2019 Courses: SCHEDULE B

2019-2020 Courses: SCHEDULE C

2020-2021 Courses: SCHEDULE D

2017-2018 High School Course List

Click the links to read the full course descriptions

English: Great Literature

American Government and Economics

Principles of Leadership


Written Portfolio III (no pre-requisite)

Studies in the American Covenant

Will math be offered?

Math is not part of the Learning Communities courses. Math is a leveled-learning subject, and students’ math levels vary widely. Students also prefer different math curricula. The Learning Communities service is not of sufficient size to provide live math instruction to students who are on the same level and prefer the same curriculum. AHS Online offers accredited math courses. We recommend the following textbooks for independent study. (These older editions are not Common Core compliant)

Saxon Pre-Algebra

Algebra 1/2, 3rd Edition © 2004 Student Edition ISBN: 9781565771499
Algebra 1/2, 3rd Edition © 2004 Solutions Manual ISBN: 9781565771314

 Saxon Algebra 1

Algebra 1, 3rd Edition © 1997 Student Edition ISBN: 9781565771345
Algebra 1, 3rd Edition © 1997 Solutions Manual ISBN: 9781565771376

Saxon Algebra 2

Algebra 2, 3rd Edition © 1997 Student Edition ISBN: 9781565771406
Algebra 2, 3rd Edition © 1997 Solutions Manual ISBN: 9781565771437

Saxon Advanced Mathematics: Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry

Advanced Mathematics: An Incremental Development, 2nd Edition ISBN: 9781565770393
Advanced Mathematics: An Incremental Development, 2nd Edition © 1996 Solutions Manual ISBN: 9781565770423

Other top recommended math curriculum for homeschoolers include:

Teaching Textbooks

Math Inspirations

Khan Academy

Life of Fred

Math U See


Register ButtonApplication and Interview

Apply for the Middle or High School Learning Community by paying a $25 application fee, and completing the following form:


A separate application is required for each student.

An interview with each applicant and at least one parent will be conducted by an administrator prior to acceptance. You will be contacted for an interview upon receipt of your application and fee.

Application Fee:  $25


Middle School Tuition:

First Student: Ten payments of $145/month (August 2017-May 2018)

Sibling Discount for each additional student: $20/month; Ten payments of $125/month (August 2017-May 2018)

Monthly Tuition Payment Tool

High School Tuition:

$185/month (August 2017-May 2018)

Sibling Discount for each additional student: $20/month; Ten payments of $165/month (August 2017-May 2018)

Monthly Tuition Payment Tool

Tuition Includes:

  • Live, interactive visual, audio and chat participation in all courses indicated on the 2017-2018 Course Schedule.
  • Access to class recordings (All classes will be recorded and posted to Canvas.)
  • K-12 Family subscription to The Family School Online
  • Assignment submission, feedback, and grading services, via Canvas, by each course’s live online mentor
  • Grade reports upon completion of courses
  • Monthly activities for students who live in close enough geographic proximity for driving. (Most monthly activities are without charge, but an occasional admission fee may be charged, if a monthly activity involves admission to a venue or production.)
  • Customer support


The purpose and mission of the Learning Communities is to serve middle and high school students, by…

  1. Offering live, online instruction, with a Latter-day Saint perspective, by caring and inspiring mentors
  2. Encouraging personal discipleship for Jesus Christ
  3. Inspiring a love of liberty
  4. Cultivating self-governance
  5. Helping students to appreciate and seek for that which is true, good and beautiful


Visit our Homeschool Path to College page to learn how to help your homeschooled student prepare for college admissions.


Our terrific webinar instructors are excited to meet your youth and look forward to teaching academic concepts along with principles of the gospel.



Jeffrey Jensen

High School: American Government and Economics

Although Mr. Jensen was formally trained as a historian and teacher at BYU, his training began years before. As a 4th grade student, Mr. Jensen’s teacher taught a lesson about the RMS Titanic, that changed him forever. That day, his teacher sparked a passion for historical research and teaching within Jeff. Researching the Titanic at that young age gave him opportunities to meet with Titanic survivors, authors, and historians who shared his interest. Soon, Jeff was giving public lectures on the Titanic which he continues to do. Most recently, he was invited to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for the opening of their new Titanic exhibit, and has been invited back as a guest speaker to discuss the faith of our 40th president. Mr. Jensen’s passion for his historical research has its roots in the Titanic, but has expanded to include U.S. presidential history and other unique areas. Mr. Jensen’s methodologies have been influenced by his spirituality and life experiences over the years to include a deep love for cultures and civilizations throughout the world. Through serving in other countries such as Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong, Mr. Jensen has been exposed to modern day cultures and geography shaped by civilizations long past in the history of the world. Having been married for 14 years and as the father of 3 boys, Mr. Jensen has a deep appreciation for the vital role that the home plays in the education of our children and the strengthening of our society. Mr. Jensen’s background teaching seminary and developing teacher training curriculum for Stake-wide use in previous callings has harmonized his passion for learning and the gospel. Mr. Jensen has long believed that teaching history and geography in context of religious principles and applications is important to “transforming the hearts and minds of a nation” (a slogan of the Foundation for American Christian Education). This marriage of the spiritual and secular is evidenced in Mr. Jensen’s published works that focus on historical events as viewed through a religious lens of understanding. It is for this reason that he was led to and now proudly teaches at for the Learning Communities.

Tracy-AtkinsonTracy Harrington-Atkinson

High School: Principles of Leadership, Written Portfolio III

Tracy Harrington-Atkinson was born in Indiana and raised throughout the United States as she has moved over 50 times during her life! She earned her bachelors in elementary education and masters in higher education. She is married with 6 children. She returned to her roots in Indiana in 2013 when she was offered a job at Purdue University as an advisor and retentions specialist after having life experiences that have carried her across the United States and even abroad to the Amazon region of Brazil where she served a mission, learning to speak fluent Portuguese. Her passions are found in family, and the perpetual education of herself, others, and the continued improvement of the educational experience for those who are yet to come. Tracy is currently completing her PhD in instruction and curriculum where her fascination in the total learning process has been nurtured and developed. Tracy, like many other educators, now realizes that there is not one set method to teaching all students, but that each student is unique and individual in their methodology. To this point the creation of better students is the point of why Tracy has joined the American Heritage staff in its never ending conquest to accomplish excellence in education of its students. The creation of lifelong learners is not just the topic of her PhD studies, but the goal for her students, who during their lives, will perpetually experience change. Tracy enjoys her interactions with the students and watching their development and success. She focuses on education and enjoys building on everyday experiences for teaching opportunities. Her hobbies include reading, spending time with family, learning something new, and breeding dachshunds.


Dr. Pablo Riboldi

High School: Biology

Pablo Riboldi is one of the authors and online teachers for The Family School High School. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Instructional Science. He also earned a B.A. summa cum laude in Information Management from the same university. Pablo graduated from the “Escuela Superior de Comercio” High School Rosario Argentina as a Public Bookkeeper. After two years of college in Buenos Aires and two years serving his mission in the Argentina Cordoba Mission, he migrated to Utah with his family to pursue his education. During these years, Pablo found his passion for learning and teaching. He worked as a private tutor teaching college level Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, and Economics. He also taught at the Provo Missionary Training Center and there developed the first version of the Technology Assisted Language Learning system (TALL v1.0). Pablo has worked professionally for EduQuest, IBM; American Stores, TestOut!, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in various capacities as instructional designer, business analysts, software developer, solutions manager, and database engineer. He has presented at several national and international conferences on Data Governance and Master Data Management earning in 2013 the Best Data Governance Program Award. His academic research interests and doctoral dissertation have focused on the implementation of teacher-mediated instructional system, for which he was awarded the 1998 Young Scholar Award by the Education Technology Research & Development journal. He has also worked as an Adjunct Faculty for the Educational Technology department at the University of Utah teaching courses on Learning Theories and Instructional Development and currently at the College of Business Management at Argosy University teaching courses on Organizational Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Business Management, Communications, and Business Planning. He has taught community classes on Euclidian Geometry for homeschooling families and the Geography and Science classes for The Family School Online High School. He and his wife, Heidi, are the parents of eight children and they love hiking, sailing, cooking, reading, and raising their children together.

Todd StubbsDr. S. Todd Stubbs

High School: English: Great Literature

Middle School: English: Character and Literature

I was grew up in Utah County in a family of educators. After a stint as an English teacher in rural southern Utah[1], I began a journey that ended in two degrees in instructional design[2]. I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to use what I’ve learned as a school district technology specialist[3], a documentation and communications specialist[4], a regional technology specialist[5], a school library media specialist[6], a project director for a large educational technology grant[7], a multimedia designer[8], and an instructional designer.[9] I’ve taught at nearly every level, Kindergarten thru graduate school. I’ve written a couple of textbooks[10], helped develop certification exams[11], and presented at regional, national, and international conferences.

I have been married to Joy for going on 40 years. We have been blessed with five children, and now their spouses, and with 17 grandchildren.

[1] Bryce Valley Schools, Tropic Utah (1980 – 1982).

[2] Masters of Education (M.Ed.) from Utah State University, Logan Utah (1989); and Ph.D. from Brigham Young University, Provo Utah (2006).

[3] Garfield County School District, Panguitch Utah; 1982 – 1985.

[4] AIS, Incorporated, Orem Utah; 1985 – 1988.

[5] Northeastern Utah Educational Services, Heber City Utah; 1989 – 1991.

[6] Salt Lake City School District, Salt Lake City Utah; 1991 – 1992.

[7] Nabisco New Century Schools, Orem High School/Alpine School District, Orem Utah; 1992 – 1994.

[8] BYU Instructional Technology Center, Provo Utah; 1994 – 2000.

[9] BYU Center for Instructional Design, Instructional Media Center, Testing Center, and Teaching & Learning Center, Provo Utah; 2000 – 2008; and University of Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona; 2009 – 2013.

[10] On Web Design and Macintosh Operating System

[11] At Certiport in American Fork; a Pearson subsidiary.


Hannah Stoddard

High School: Studies in the American Covenant

L. Hannah Stoddard is the producer of the documentary video, For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments and the director of the videos Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets: Revelation 11For Our Day: Covenant on the Land and Statesmen & Symbols: Prelude to the Restoration.  In 2015, she worked as producer in the release of the new doculecture series The Prophet Joseph: More Than We Know. Hannah directs Joseph Smith Foundation projects including Joseph Smith Forum, Joseph Smith Academy, Guardians of an Altar, Foundations and ZionVision. She is also the founder of Maidens with a Mission. Hannah was home and privately educated. She has worked as a graphic design artist, software developer, videographer, project manager and research assistant. She currently serves on the advisory board for Kimber Academy – Lehi and has authored and edited hundreds of articles on the Web.  Hannah’s research supports the writings and teachings of ancient and latter-day prophets.


Alyson Harwood

Middle School: Art Appreciation: Middle Ages

Alyson Harwood was born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming. Her passions growing up included art, camping, and volleyball. After graduating High School, Alyson attended to Ricks College and earned an Associates of Fine Arts and then moved to Cedar City to finish her degree at SUU. After a semester at SUU, she took a break to serve a Spanish Speaking mission to Oakland, California. She graduated from SUU in 1999 with a Major in Art and a Minor in Spanish, and a Secondary Education certification with K–12 endorsements in Art and Spanish. She then moved to Boise and taught one year of middle school art. During that year, she met her husband (Clint), they married, and Alyson “retired” to be home with her first child. The Harwood’s now have five children—four boys and one little pink caboose! Over the years, Alyson has taught art workshops, lessons, and volunteered to create an art curriculum for her children’s school. Since 2013, the Harwood’s have been educating their children at home and have loved the many opportunities that have come with that adventure!

Leah_JeppsonLeah Jeppson

Middle School: Music Appreciation: The Symphony of Sound

Leah Jeppson is an experienced instructor and avid musician. She graduated from her family homeschool in 2012. She is a Junior at BYU Idaho, where she is seeking a Bachelors of Musical Arts, with a string emphasis and a minor in Marriage and Family Studies. She is a violin instructor for the Summer Strings Adventure Camp. She served a full time LDS mission, in the Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission, Portuguese speaking. She performed with the Utah Youth Philharmonic for six years. She played fiddle and sang with her family bluegrass band, “The Wildflowers” for eight years, giving over 400 performances in the US, Canada and in Europe.  She has taught private violin lessons for eight years. From the time of her childhood, she regularly enjoyed studying about the lives of great composers, and various music periods and styles. Her ambition is to perform with a professional orchestra and direct a private music studio.

Pam Bond Pam Bond

Middle School: Ancient Civilizations; World Geography

I love so many things! From Swedish weaving and quilting to running a wild river. I love working in my garden, finding  sweet strawberries that never make it into the house  and raising my animals. I love my family and my Lord, finding joy in every day and learning something new. I enjoyed teaching at a private Christian school for 5 years where I learned and was able to teach that all things truly do point to the Lord, He is in everything. I then taught for a charter school system for 7 years and thoroughly enjoyed that.  It is my joy to help children succeed in becoming all that God has designed for them. I look forward to meeting you all and discovering something amazing together!


Kimberly Pearson

Kimberly Pearson

Middle School: Cytology; Botany

Kimberly Pearson was born in Houston, Texas and currently resides in the outskirts of Waco, Texas with her husband, 3 children, and many farm animals. She earned her bachelor degree in elementary education with a mathematics minor from Sam Houston University and earned her MBA from the University of Utah. Kimberly served her mission on Temple Square with a few months in the Blackfoot, Idaho area. She has many experiences with teaching from elementary to adults and particularly enjoys teaching the middle school and high school age students. For the last 15 years she has focused her time on raising and teaching her 3 children and being the executive of her home. She has a great love for learning and sharing knowledge with those around her and is excited to do this through the Family School Curriculum which she loves and values as a great resource for teaching real truth of the world around us. Kimberly has a great passion for organizing and planning. She has planned and managed many events from corporate conferences to community and charitable function, from church camps to family reunions. She enjoys challenges and has a talent for seeing the big picture as well as the detailed steps to achieve the end results. Kimberly also enjoys reading, boating, playing the piano, and serving those around her.






Learning Communities does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age or disabilities.

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