Family Centered Education Learning Communities


Welcome to Family Centered Education Learning Communities!

Learning Communities are groups of 15-20 youth, ages 12-18, who attend live, online webinars together, for their middle or high school education.  All webinars are exclusively for the purpose of teaching Latter-day Learning’s middle and high school courses.

Family Centered Education Learning Communities is an independent service of Family Forum LLC, and is not owned or operated by Latter-day Learning.

Learning Communities are established to teach Latter-day Saint youth, but welcome all interested students.

Youth ages 12-18 are invited to…

  • Enjoy Latter-day Learning’s middle and high school courses via live webinars.
  • Connect with other students through live webinar-based chat, audio and video.
  • Get inspired with instruction from our terrific mentors.
  • Make consistent progress through rich and meaningful lessons.
  • Attend monthly in-person activities (available in some areas).

Talk GraphicWould you like to speak to the Learning Communities administrator?

Please contact Diann Jeppson anytime, to discuss potential participation in a Learning Community. or; 801-450-5016.


Weekly Class Schedules and Calendar of Days

Middle school webinars are held on Tuesdays and Thursday from August 21, 2017 to May 24, 2018. Webinar attendance is required for all classes.

High School webinars are held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from August 21, 2017 to May 24, 2018. Tuesday and Thursday webinar attendance is required for all participants. Monday webinars are optional electives, and are included with tuition.

Although no guarantee is given, every effort is made to place each student in a learning community with other students who live in the same time zone, so that the first webinar of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays can start at 10:00 a.m. in the time zone in which the student resides.  Times indicated for Monday webinars are Mountain Time only.

Note that an optional Math Lab is provided by Latter-day Learning on Wednesdays for students enrolled in a Latter-day Learning accredited math course. The Math Lab hours are Mountain Time only.

Learning Community class schedules rotate each year in the same manner as the LDS Seminary program, and are therefore non-sequential.  This allows students to join a Learning Community in any year and progress through their middle and high school years.


For the 2017-2018 school year, a middle school student is defined as a student who is at least 12 years old, but who has not yet turned 14 years old, prior to August 31, 2017.

View the weekly schedule:


Middle school course schedules are provided as follows:

2017-2018 School Year: Schedule A

2018-2019 School Year: Schedule B

          The schedules will continue to alternate between Schedule A and Schedule B for future years.


For the 2017-2018 school year, a high school student is defined as a student who is at least 14 years old, prior to August 31, 2017.

View the weekly schedule:


High school course schedules are provided as follows:

2017-2018 School Year: Schedule D

2018-2019 School Year: Schedule A

2019-2020 School Year: Schedule B

2020-2021 School Year: Schedule C

          The schedules will continue to rotate between Schedule’s A, B, C and D for future years.


Register ButtonApplication and Interview

Apply for the Middle or High School Learning Community by paying a $25 application fee, and completing the following form:



A separate application is required for each student.

An interview with each applicant and at least one parent will be conducted by an administrator prior to acceptance. You will be contacted for an interview upon receipt of your application and fee.

Application Fee:  $25


Middle School

Annual Tuition: $810 per student

Monthly payments of $90 may be made from Aug – May

High School

Annual Tuition: $990 per student

Monthly payments of $110 may be made from Aug – May

Important Note: Tuition for Family Centered Education Learning Communities is for attendance to the live webinars only and does not include access to the curriculum. All Learning Community students must also subscribe to Latter-day Learning 7-12 Curriculum.

Latter-day Learning offers two curriculum subscription options:

  1. Non-Accredited Subscription (no assignment submissions, grades or transcripts)
  2. Accredited Subscription (Includes submission of assignments, feedback, grade reports and transcripts. (Transcripts available for grades 9-12 only).

Students in a Learning Community may use either the non-accredited or accredited program. It is recommended that students in the non-accredited program submit their assignments to a parent for review and feedback.

Monthly Activities

Efforts will be made to place students in Learning Communities, together with other students who live within a 2-3 hour driving radius of each other, and to seek the services of a Learning Community Leader to facilitate monthly in-person activities for students who attend the same Learning Community live webinars.

Learning Community Leaders

Learn how you can be a Learning Community Leader, and trade your services for free tuition for your child or grandchild.




Our terrific webinar instructors are excited to meet your youth and look forward to teaching academic concepts along with principles of the gospel.

Tracy-AtkinsonTracy Harrington-Atkinson

Mountain Time Zone Learning Community Instructor: Principles of Leadership, Written Portfolio III

Tracy Harrington-Atkinson was born in Indiana and raised throughout the United States as she has moved over 50 times during her life! She earned her bachelors in elementary education and masters in higher education. She is married with 6 children. She returned to her roots in Indiana in 2013 when she was offered a job at Purdue University as an advisor and retentions specialist after having life experiences that have carried her across the United States and even abroad to the Amazon region of Brazil where she served a mission, learning to speak fluent Portuguese. Her passions are found in family, and the perpetual education of herself, others, and the continued improvement of the educational experience for those who are yet to come. Tracy is currently completing her PhD in instruction and curriculum where her fascination in the total learning process has been nurtured and developed. Tracy, like many other educators, now realizes that there is not one set method to teaching all students, but that each student is unique and individual in their methodology. To this point the creation of better students is the point of why Tracy has joined the American Heritage staff in its never ending conquest to accomplish excellence in education of its students. The creation of lifelong learners is not just the topic of her PhD studies, but the goal for her students, who during their lives, will perpetually experience change. Tracy enjoys her interactions with the students and watching their development and success. She focuses on education and enjoys building on everyday experiences for teaching opportunities. Her hobbies include reading, spending time with family, learning something new, and breeding dachshunds.

Pablo_RiboldiDr. Pablo Riboldi

Mountain Time Zone Learning Community Instructor: Chemistry

Pablo Riboldi is one of the authors and online teachers for The Family School High School. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Instructional Science. He also earned a B.A. summa cum laude in Information Management from the same university. Pablo graduated from the “Escuela Superior de Comercio” High School Rosario Argentina as a Public Bookkeeper. After two years of college in Buenos Aires and two years serving his mission in the Argentina Cordoba Mission, he migrated to Utah with his family to pursue his education. During these years, Pablo found his passion for learning and teaching. He worked as a private tutor teaching college level Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, and Economics. He also taught at the Provo Missionary Training Center and there developed the first version of the Technology Assisted Language Learning system (TALL v1.0). Pablo has worked professionally for EduQuest, IBM; American Stores, TestOut!, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in various capacities as instructional designer, business analysts, software developer, solutions manager, and database engineer. He has presented at several national and international conferences on Data Governance and Master Data Management earning in 2013 the Best Data Governance Program Award. His academic research interests and doctoral dissertation have focused on the implementation of teacher-mediated instructional system, for which he was awarded the 1998 Young Scholar Award by the Education Technology Research & Development journal. He has also worked as an Adjunct Faculty for the Educational Technology department at the University of Utah teaching courses on Learning Theories and Instructional Development and currently at the College of Business Management at Argosy University teaching courses on Organizational Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Business Management, Communications, and Business Planning. He has taught community classes on Euclidian Geometry for homeschooling families and the Geography and Science classes for The Family School Online High School. He and his wife, Heidi, are the parents of eight children and they love hiking, sailing, cooking, reading, and raising their children together

Others will be posted soon!