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A program designed to help parents create their own unique vision, master plan and custom made systems for the education of their family. See full description below.

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When it comes to the education of our children, there’s nothing worse than having our plans fall flat!

We want them to thrive, and so we invite, coax, strongly suggest, bribe, beg, threaten or just wait and hope they decide to move.

     Should we buy a new curriculum package?          

     Sign them up for an online class?

     Enroll them at a local school?

     Hire a tutor?

     Become better organized?

     Take a course on mentoring?

What if the problem is us? What if we need to learn to think in a powerful new way, a way that evokes a level of uncertainty that is as deep as our culture?

After more than twenty years of being a homeschooling parent, I can still recall the acute pain I felt as a young mother, at the discovery that teaching my own children isn’t simply a matter of having the best curriculum. I know that sounds rather naïve, but it was actually a hugely important realization, which led me on a journey…

To discover the secrets of how to succeed with family centered education.

That journey led me through dozens of books on education and family development and then to hundreds of interviews with parents, exposing me to a broad spectrum of scenarios, challenges and solutions. My vision has always been to find patterns for building great families that produce wise and virtuous individuals.

It has been the most exciting adventure of my life – to deeply engage with every single one of these life changing discoveries in my own family.

Now I want to make available all of my best discoveries, for parents who share my passion for family and education.

In order to give you everything I have acquired over the past two decades, I’ve put it all together into a format that is clear and easy to use – and I call it the Family Builder Program.

Essentially, this program is comprised of powerful mentor sessions, taking you through the process of learning…

The ABC’s of Family Centered Education:

A: Know and use the powerful Three Jobs of a Parent-Mentor
B: Create a family vision, then give it legs by implementing your own master plan and family systems
C: Prepare for family and individual missions with a solid liberal arts education, nurtured by a love for learning.

For many of us, our minds grasp ideas best when they are put into a diagram – so I’ve created this graphic to help you see how the Family Builder Program parts fit together.
Family Builder Program covers each area in this diagram, with clear explanations, examples, stories, and planning assignments to help you create family centered education in your home.

I’ve had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of parents through the Family Builder Program and have listened to their feedback. In addition, I’ve listening carefully to the comments and questions of Family Builder seminar attendees, in dozens of seminar settings.

The Family Builder Program represents the ideas and input of many parents, collected through surveys, focus groups, seminar comments, and of course more interviews. I am happy to report that dozens of improvements have been included in the current edition, thanks to the input of parents who have used the Family Builder Program in their homes, and who want you to benefit from it too.

Here is what you can expect to know and accomplish from using the Family Builder Program:

  • How to embrace the essential connection between family relationships and the success of your educational efforts.
  • Understand four amazing tools, in the great work of inspiring, that you can put to immediate use.
  • The ability to see your children’s emerging interests with new eyes, to enable you to respond more effectively.
  • How to assess your current education, and then plot a course to prepare for a life of greater purpose.
  • How to prepare for, create, and record a family vision, to allow you to “see” the hoped for outcome of the education in your home.
  • The inside scoop on how to consciously design a family mission statement that breathes life into your family culture, and directly influences the core development and academic learning of your children.
  • A simple schematic for you to build your own master plan, with nine key elements designed to help you determine what learning time will consist of next Monday…and the rest of the year too.

Plus highly recommended processes regarding

  • How to create systems for incorporating a broad spectrum of topics into the educational strategy, in order to substantially improve cultural literacy.
  • Becoming acquainted with the definition of liberal arts education and designing a liberal arts study project.
  • Where and how to select the best books to read in your home, with strategies to establish or improve and overcome challenges with family reading.
  • A simple process to help you hand-pick important ideas, resources and systems to use for the spiritual education of your children, tailored to your own worldview.
  • How to develop an effective schedule that fits the season and rhythm of your family.
  • Knowing how to create a plan for introducing your children to mentor dates and planners – a terrific system for nurturing relationship, while encouraging and challenging our children to engage in deeper and more meaningful ways with their studies.
  • The essential elements for a system for family work, with tips for teaching adult skills to your children in an easy and systematic fashion.
  • Exploring an array of community group examples and strategies, to consider the best fit for your family.

I highly recommend that spouses work through the Family Builder Program together. If one spouse’s situation does not allow him or her to complete all of the material, discuss how to best support each other in your particular circumstances.

Here’s what parents are saying about the program:

“I used the Family Builder Program last year, and now I know exactly what my family needs, what our goals are, where were headed and what our motivation is. The program isn’t just about educational principles, it’s about how to build families on purpose. It will take you from step A to step Z and you’ll be emotionally, spiritually and mentally exhausted by the end of it – in a good way! Can’t recommend it enough; it’s worth every penny and every hour you’ll spend working on it. It’s best if you and your husband can do it together but even if you’re going through the material by yourself (I had to because of my husband’s work schedule at the time), it will be worth it and very do-able.”

Tessa Zundel, South Jordan, Utah
“Through the Family Builder Program I have received wise and loving guidance. I have come to know from experience the benefits of creating an environment of freedom in my home. My children truly love to learn and I am finally supporting that learning in a productive way.”

Kate Day, Sandy, Utah

To make sure you are happy with the program, I am happy to give parents my 12-month, 100%, No Questions Asked, Guarantee: I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use even a few of the strategies in this program, you’ll experience a measurable improvement in your family’s education. However, at any time during the 12 months after your purchase of the Family Builder Program, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it’s on the last day of the twelfth month!

Today is the start of a new way to thinking about and planning your children’s education, so that you can stop bribing, begging, threatening or just waiting and hoping that great learning will happen.

Today is the beginning of the end of uncertainty and disorganization, the end of a lack of vision and a lack of long-term plans and daily strategies that work.

Most Warmly,

Diann Jeppson

P.S. Clients have paid me thousands of dollars to personally teach them what has taken me 20 years in the trenches to learn and develop. But since my goal is to help as many families as possible, I wanted to make this available (and affordable) for as many people as I can. So I am offering the entire Family Builder Program for only $169!



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