Learning Communities High School Tuition Annual Lump Sum

Learning Communities High School Tuition Annual Lump Sum


Apply to join a Learning Community by completing the application and paying this application fee.

For complete information and details, visit the Learning Communities page.


The annual lump sum is due August 14, 2017.

Tuition Includes:

  • Live, interactive visual, audio and chat participation in all courses indicated on the 2017-2018 Course Schedule.
  • Access to class recordings (All classes will be recorded and posted to Canvas.)
  • K-12 Family subscription to The Family School Online
  • Assignment submission, feedback, and grading services, via Canvas, by each course‚Äôs live online mentor
  • Grade reports upon completion of courses
  • Monthly activities for students who live in close enough geographic proximity for driving. (Most monthly activities are without charge, but an occasional admission fee may be charged, if a monthly activity involves admission to a venue or production.)
  • Customer support