Simulations Week

What is Simulations Week?

Each year, youth ages 12-18 gather from around the nation to engage in realistic, hypothetical high-stakes scenarios designed to bring out their ability to respond to crisis, while practicing the art of persuasion. A team of youth mentors (called the “Sim Team”) and adult mentors engage the attendees in the scenario. Simulations are beyond fantasy role playing and do not follow a script, but are problems that requires the youth attendees to negotiate, compromise, persuade, debate, strategize, challenge each other, and use their wits and their knowledge to create and engage ideas to solve the problems together. Conflicting motivations within sub-groups form significant challenges. Forks in the road appear throughout the simulation, inviting participants to navigate the unexpected and resist ethical lapses.
With 18 years of Simulations Week experience, and a typical attendance of 150 youth, over a thousand terrific young people have loved attending, and tell us that they have grown and changed for the better in many ways, as they come face to face with themselves, in this challenging and FUN simulation environment!
Evening activities provide exciting and interesting opportunities for youth to associate together for friendship and for strengthening meaningful relationships. These activities include the “Opening Night” performance, a game night, the “Improv Night” talent and variety show, a formal youth banquet and a family ball.
The spirit of the event has been maintained through the years by the incredible youth who choose to attend, and the dedicated influence of our incredible adult mentors and youth Sim Team. They are energetic, purpose-driven, virtuous youth with a strong desire for person growth, for creating meaningful connections with other youth and to prepare for a life of meaningful impact.
Note that youth attendees and their families often refer to this event as “Sim Week.”

2018 Simulations Week West will be held June 12-15, 2018 in Utah County, UT


Simulations Week West is owned and produced by Family Forum LLC

2018 Simulations Week East will be held June 5-8, 2018 at 7971 Williamson Road, Roanoke, VA


Simulations Week East is independently owned and produced by Triangle Leadership Commonwealth. Online information, registration and consulting for Simulations Week East is provided by Family Forum LLC

Simulations are awesome!!!

  • Explore courageous solutions to futuristic scenarios
  • Practice communication, persuasion and leadership
  • Apply your knowledge and test your wisdom
  • Discover human nature
  • Experience teamwork and group deliberation

As used by top colleges and industries throughout the world, simulations are a proven way to prepare for real action, influence and critical decision making.

2018 Simulations Week Scenario, for both West and East events:

An Out of This World Social Experiment

History will record that on a fateful day in June 2018, beams of blue light appeared in every nation of the world, extending their eerie shafts into the cabinet rooms, palaces, official offices, formal dining rooms, legislative chambers and homes of every head of state. A crystal clear gel enveloped each head of state, and with a sharp, hissing sound, they were gone. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen their leaders shooting up the beams of blue light, high into the sky, until they became a speck and disappeared. Where had they gone? Would they ever return? What would the peoples of the earth do next?

Nobody knew it at the time, but the heads of state had been abducted by interplanetary social scientists from the planet Karek. As each head of state entered the portal of the massive Karekian spacecraft, they were ushered into an immense chamber. There, they were subjected to an intense initiation, and made to understand that they had only four days to complete a seemingly impossible social experiment. If they fail, alien agents would be sent to take their places, in disguises designed to mimic the appearance and mannerisms of each head of state. Even the great Sherlock Holmes would not be able to detect the truth–that alien, impostor heads of state were now the rulers and leaders of every nation on earth. If the heads of state succeed with the social experiment, they will be restored to their nations intact, having taken an oath to carry out the strategies and plans determined and agreed upon at this “Surprise Summit,” aboard the Karek spacecraft.

Simulation Heads of State Identities

Participants in this simulation will each take on the identity of a current head of state. After registration, each attendee will select the Head of State they wish to impersonate. They are encouraged to learn about their simulation identity by reading the biographical information that will be provided to them. Costumes are encouraged! (Modesty please.) Information will be provided regarding the history, current affairs of state, and form of government for the country led by each head of state. Although not required for participation, it will enhance the attendees simulation experience if they explore this information prior to the beginning of the simulation.

Early Registration Discount: $169 per person if purchased by midnight, April 28, 2018

Regular Price: $199 per person if purchased after April 28, 2018

Admission includes simulation experience, t-shirt, all lunches, all dinners and Friday banquet, improv night, game night, and family ball for participants and their immediate family members.

Additional registration discounts available for parent volunteers:

Simulations Week West Volunteer Info

Simulations Week East Volunteer Info

For the detailed schedule and logistics, please visit the following:

Simulations Week West Attendee Packet

Simulations Week East Attendee Packet

Are you interested in producing a Simulations Week event in your community? Check out the Simulations Week Mentoring Service.

Take an inside peek at Simulations Week! Here, for your enjoyment, are slide shows from the 2014 and 2015 Spring Simulations Week events:




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